Mystery Photo Contest 9-24-12 |

Mystery Photo Contest 9-24-12

We have a winner!

We received 25 entries for last month's Mystery Photo Contest, 23 of which were correct.

Our winner, Charles Everitt of Longmont, Colo., identified the object as an asbestos siding cutter. The blade in the horizontal center was used to make long cuts. The devise on the front of the handle was a "nibbler" to make cuts to fit around rafters. The devise in the center of the handle was a punch to make nail holes to install the siding. The shingles were thin and fragile and would crack if you tried to nail them so this tool came in very handy in it's day. Charles owns one that he used to install asbestos siding in the early 1950s. He has found it useful to cut vinyl flooring tile.

The photo was sent in by Ted Whitaker of Burns, Wyo. Congratulations to Charles Everitt and thanks to Ted Whitaker for sharing this mysterious and interesting photo with our readers!