National Abandoned Horses Website Established |

National Abandoned Horses Website Established

by Baxter Black, DVM
Coyote Cowboy Company

A website has been established to serve as a site to collect and document cases of equine abuse, abandonment and neglect. It is called Photographs of affected horses along with city and state of origin and person submitting can be e-mailed

According to Baxter Black, DVM, one of the founders, “We are establishing a ‘gallery of abandoned horses.’ This unintended problem has come as a direct result of the closing of all the horse slaughter plants in the U.S.

“Several states are considering the building a new plant. There will undoubtedly be objections to their construction.

“ will serve as a stark visual reminder to politicians and voters of the need for a practical humane alternative to starving or dumping them.

“The day the first new plant in the United States is finished, this man made abandoned horse tragedy will begin to disappear.”