National Drought Summary for May 3, 2016 |

National Drought Summary for May 3, 2016

The West

As the storm that impacted much of the eastern half of the United States formed in the Four Corners region, it brought widespread precipitation over much of eastern Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. Abnormally dry conditions were improved over eastern Nevada and Utah this week. A reanalysis of the data available in northwest Utah allowed for an improvement to the conditions there by a full category as well. Abnormally dry conditions were improved upon in southern Wyoming as well as northeastern New Mexico. Dryness returned to portions of the Pacific Northwest over the last several weeks, and this allowed for abnormally dry conditions to be introduced over central and northeast Oregon.

The Plains

Dryness continued over much of North Dakota, but no additional degradations were made this week. It was a wet week over much of South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle. Cooler than normal conditions and slow-moving rain events allowed for improvements in the region. A full category improvement was made to the moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions for much of Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado and central Arkansas. Improvements were made in Oklahoma, where most areas saw a full category improvement and severe drought was eliminated. Much of the Texas Panhandle also had a full category improvement. Abnormally dry conditions were expanded slightly in west Texas and several areas of Texas were identified as areas to watch in the next several weeks for degradation if rains don’t materialize.


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