NAWG weighs in on amendments to the 2018 House farm bill |

NAWG weighs in on amendments to the 2018 House farm bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following yesterday’s House Rules Committee meeting to determine which amendments would be considered, the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 (H.R. 2) now heads to the House floor for debates and amendment votes. In anticipation of the debate, NAWG sent a letter to the House stating its positions on relevant amendments that will be voted on.

“NAWG continues to push back against any amendments that would undermine the current structure of the crop insurance program as well as other amendments that would hurt farmers,” said Jimmie Musick, Sentinel, Okla., farmer and NAWG president. “Proposing significant restrictions on crop insurance ignores the needs of rural America and will increase the cost of (the) rogram for all farmers.”

In the letter, NAWG calls attention to a few amendments and notably opposes Congressman Tom McClintock’s, R-Calif., amendment #93 which would phase out the farm safety net, including federal crop insurance, the Agriculture Risk Coverage program, the Price Loss Coverage program, and sugar policy. Additionally, NAWG voiced opposition towards Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s, R-N.C., amendment #32 which cuts the sugar program, ultimately outsourcing U.S. sugar jobs to subsidized foreign industries.

“Net cash farm income for wheat farmers is expected by USDA to be down 21 percent this year compared to last year, which is why we need to pass a farm bill that works for all growers who can then have access to these beneficial programs,” Musick said.

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