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NBHA NE 05 District 7-7-12

NBHA NEO5 Runs – scheduled for this year are as follows: They are all are double runs. Exhibitions will be prior each run.

Please note – due to extreme heat – time change on all runs except finals:

• July 14th – Sidney Saddle Club – Enter at 8, run at 9 with the second to follow. Open – $30, youth- $20, pee wee – $2, exh – $5.

• July 21st – Bridgeport Arena – Enter at 8, run at 9 with the second to follow. Open – $30, youth – $20, pee wee – $2, exh – $5, arena fee – $5.

• July 28th – Lisco Arena – Enter at 8, run at 9 with the second to follow. Open – $30, youth – $20, pee wee – $2, exh, $5.

• August 4th – LaGrange Wyo – Enter at 8, run at 9 with the second to follow. Open – $30, youth – $20, exh – $5.

• August 11th – Carlsons Arena in Lewellen – Enter at 8, run at 9 with the second to follow. Open – $30, youth – $20, exh – $5.

• August 18th – FINALS at Sullivans Arena in Oshkosh. Enter at 9, run at 10 with the second to follow – Open – $30, youth – $20, exh – $5. There will be a target shoot out.

* Please get your raffle money and tickets to me no later than August 11th.

Please note as well as the entries – there is a $5 arena fee for the day.

Remember – nomination fee MUST be paid before points will count. Those nominating will receive the fence post at no extra charge. If two members from one family is nominating, one will pay $30 the other will pay $25.

Results: 6-30-12 | Whitefeather Ranch

(Members in Bold): 1st Run: Open 1D: Angie Wiesen- 5.145, Katie Epp-15.617; Open 2D: Mardi O’Neal-15.730, KL Spratt-15.776, Heather Milligan-15.805, Amy Stockton-15.847, Kendra Timm-15.908, Dasha Kelso-15.937, Martee Pruitt-15.997, Charlie Bradshaw-16.050, Heather Milligan-16.059; Open 3D: Jacey Watt-16.150, Carla Sturgeon-16.176, Martee Pruitt-16.197, Becky Berggren-16.198, Tonya Meiman-16.204, Martee Pruitt-16.250, Ashley Kroul-16.356, Colleen Vossler-16.408, Vianna Gurney-16.447, Mardi O’Neal-16.448, Kathy Buttle-16.557, Ashley Kroul-16.577, Berenice Richard-16.695, Jessica Griffis-16.723, Carrie Broussard-16.819, Carrie Broussard-16.842, Carly Snell-16.865, Kristine Kautz-16.867, Pattty Guthrie-16.878, Amy Madden-16.884, Deb Cox-16.929, Stacy Madden-17.121; Open 4D: Julie Gomez-17.276, Kristine Kautz-17.354, Lacey Krakow-17.474, Kimberly Epp-17.487, Deb Cox-17.635, Amanda Langolis-17.794, Melissa Ford-17.967, Breanna Beyer-17.979, Shannon Shinn-18.039, Martee Pruitt-18.258, Stacy Madden-18.534, Trish Gamble-18.742, Jayla Hall-18.759, Amy Fox-19.413, Mardi O’Neal-20.098, John Buttle-20.134, Victoria Hall-21.296, Tonya Meiman-21.304, KL Spratt-26.151; Youth 1D: Malli O’Neal-17.328, Malli O’Neal-17.394, Payton Sorenson-17.667; Youth 2D: Breanna Beyer – 17.979, Youth 4D: McKenna Wiesen-20.977, Colby Stockton-21.737, Logan Stockton-85.181. 2nd Run: Open 1D: Angie Wiesen-15.213, Dasha Kelso-15.705, KL Spratt-15.709; Open 2D: Carla Sturgeon-15.838, Mardi O’Neal-15.881, Ashley Kroul-15.952, Martee Pruitt-15.960, Charlie Bradshaw-16.047, Jayla Hall-16.170, Martee Pruitt-16.183, Ashley Kroul-16.188, Carla Sturgeon-16.188; Open 3D: Amy Stockton-16.264, Tonya Meiman-16.265, Colleen Vossler-16.276, Heather Milligan-16.329, Heather Milligan-16.332, Carrie Brousard-16.38, KL Spratt-16.459, Jacey Watt-16.556, Carrie Broussard-16.703, Cori Koehler-16.712, Viana Gurney-16.770, Amy Madden-16.809, Patty Guthrie-16.886, Mardi O’Neal-16.943, Julie Gomez-17.020, Stacy Madden-17.066, Kimberly Epp-17.068, Amanda Langolis-17.080, Deb Cox-17.107, Breanna Beyer-17.173; Open 4D: Stacy Madden-17.343, Berenice Richard-17.391, Shannon Shinn-17.544, LeAnn Smith-17.760, Melissa Ford-17.880, Amy Fox-18.246, Trish Gamble-18.311, Victoria Hall-19.959, Tonya Meiman-23.329, Mardi O’Neal-26.537; Youth 1D: Breanna Beyer-17.173, Payten Sorensen-17.547; Youth 4D: McKenna Wiesen-21.624, Colby Stockton-22.773. Year End Points: Open 1D: Katie Fibelstad 9, Jacey Watt 8, Amy Madden 4, Kathy Buttle 4, Kristine Kautz 2; Open 2D: Kristine Kautz 13, Carrie Broussard 6, Chandra Stoddard 6, Teresa McCormick 5, Brooke Glass 5, Becky Berggren 4, Lexie Sterkel 4, Jacey Watt 3; Open 3D: Christie Vach 17, Amy Madden 15, Lexie Sterkel 13, Carrie Broussard 12, Jacey Watt 10, Emily McGinley 6, Kristine Kautz 6, Brooke Glass 4, Hope Wurdeman 4, Becky Berggren 4, Tabitha Hollingsworth 3, Kathy Buttle 3, Cori Koehler 3, Shayla Stoddard 1; Open 4D: Tia Drinkhouse 11, Trish Gamble 10, Tabitha Hollingsworth 8, Jennifer Carlson 6, Becky Berggren 6, Shayla Stoddard 5, Sharon Miller 5, Kristine Kautz 5, Emily McGinley 4, Amy Madden 3, Paula Brown 3, Christie Vach 1; Youth 1D: Brooke Glass 10, Taya McMillen 5; Youth 2D: Josee Saults 9, Ralph Saults 5; Youth 3D: Brittany Sisson 15, Ralph Saults 4; Youth 4D: Brittany Sisson 10.

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