NCBA petitions to change ‘Produced in USA’ label to ‘Processed in USA’ |

NCBA petitions to change ‘Produced in USA’ label to ‘Processed in USA’

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association said Thursday it has petitioned the Agriculture Department’s Food Safety and Inspection Service to eliminate the use of “Product of the USA” and other broad U.S. origin labeling claims for beef products and establish a “Processed in the USA” label.

“The Product of the USA label does not meet the expectations of today’s consumers and disincentivizes the use of voluntary, source-verified claims that allow cattle and beef producers to more effectively distinguish their product in the marketplace,” said NCBA President Jerry Bohn.

“There is a growing desire among consumers to know more about the origin of the food they purchase, and it is critical that producers are empowered with opportunities to market their high-quality beef in a way that allows them to differentiate the source of their product from competitors and potentially increase profitability,” Bohn said.

NCBA said in the headline on its news release that the action “would increase producer profitability.”

Other groups have called for strict country-of-origin labels on meat, which Congress passed but later rescinded after a World Trade Organization panel found the labels resulted in discrimination against Canadian and Mexican meat.


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