NCGA statement on Sen. Cruz’s remarks at Philadelphia refinery town hall |

NCGA statement on Sen. Cruz’s remarks at Philadelphia refinery town hall

WASHINGTON — The following is a statement from North Dakota farmer Kevin Skunes, president of the National Corn Growers Association, in response to Sen. Ted Cruz’s remarks during the Philadelphia refinery town hall.

“While most refiners are reporting double-digit profit increases, Philadelphia Energy Solutions has filed for bankruptcy protection because its investors put their interests ahead of their workers’ interests. It’s disingenuous for Sen. Cruz to claim he’s looking out for refinery workers, when he’s really looking out for Wall Street investors who made bad business decisions yet ensured they got their payout first, putting refinery jobs at risk.

“Sen. Cruz is right about one thing — this is not about pitting corn farmers and refinery workers against each other. Corn famers see refinery owners and investors failing to take responsibility for their poor business decisions. The Renewable Fuel Standard works for consumers, union workers, farmers and our environment. Whether it’s the EPA, financial analysts or university experts, all confirm refiners are not facing a RINs price impact because they recover any costs through the price they receive for their refined products. Sen. Cruz is trying to upend the RFS to address a non-existent problem and bail out refiners who opted not to invest in blending infrastructure, so they could blend renewable fuels and get biofuels credits for free.

“Corn farmers’ definition of a “win-win” is providing regulatory parity for E15, and higher blends of ethanol, which would increase the supply of RINs to lower RIN values, and improve transparency in the trading system. The only plan Sen. Cruz has is to block the confirmation of Bill Northey, a well-qualified and much-needed leader at the Department of Agriculture, in order to undercut the successful, and beneficial Renewable Fuel Standard.”

Cruz is blaming the high cost of RINS on the Philadephia plants backruptcy. “When RINs were first introduced, they were sold at a ‘low cost’ for a penny or two pennies each. But now, RINs have skyrocketed to as high as $1.40 each. This $1.40 may not sound like much, but it has literally put thousands upon thousands of blue-collar jobs at risk,” Cruz tweeted.

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