NCTA Aggies judge at Ak-Sar-Ben |

NCTA Aggies judge at Ak-Sar-Ben

The NCTA Livestock Judging Team went to Courtland, Kan., for a practice workout at Jensen Bros. Herefords. The team also evaluated livestock at the Lincoln before completing their two-day journey at the Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Judging Contest in Grand Island.
Photo by Doug Smith / NCTA Judging Coach

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. – A whirlwind weekend workout helped prepare Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture Aggie students for their first livestock judging contest of the season.

Animal science students with the NCTA livestock judging team first evaluated beef cattle in Courtland, Kan., and then more livestock in Lincoln, Neb., during a one-day practice session last Saturday.

On Sunday, the 10 Aggies stepped into the livestock arena at the Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Judging Contest in Grand Island and put their animal evaluation and oral reasoning skills to the real test.

The sophomore team placed seventh judging sheep and goats, and eighth overall with eighth place in beef cattle, swine and oral reasons, said Doug Smith, NCTA coach and Animal Science and Agricultural Education division chair.

“The team had a good weekend,” Smith said. “We appreciated the opportunity for workouts at Jensen Bros. Herefords in Kansas, and then at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before heading to Grand Island.”

Among 80 contestants, Peyton McCord of Cairo was ninth in placings and Will Moeller of Grand Island was in the top 20 in placings. Rachel Miller of Basehor, Kan., placed 22nd in sheep and goat evaluation.

Freshman students judged individually among 93 contestants. Garret Lapp of Adamsville, Ohio, was nineth high in beef catle, 26th overall, and 33rd in sheep and goats. Tiffany Dickau of Elwood was 24th in swine judging.

Others on the team were sophomores Colbey Luebbe, Seward and Remy Mansour, Petaluma, Calif.; and freshmen Emily Riley, Norton, Kan.; and Camden Wilke, Columbus.

Nathan Lashley, Cur s, is a third-year student serving as assistant coach.

The team’s next contest is Oct. 20 at the Colorado State University Classic in Fort Collins.


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