NCTA announces next "100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage" seminar |

NCTA announces next "100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage" seminar

CURTIS, Neb. – Producers are invited to attend Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture’s 100 Beef Cow Ownership Advantage Seminar on Jan. 21 at 1 p.m. at the NCTA Veterinary Hospital Amphitheater in Curtis, Neb.

Participants will learn more about the program and how they can partner with an NCTA graduate. The program was initially developed to help NCTA students develop business plans, partnership agreements and loan applications that enable them to buy cattle from a current producer who wants to continue to own their land but need a good partner/employee to manage the cattle.

The program has expanded to include an outreach program for current ranch employees or college graduates who want to start an ownership program. The outreach program requires adult students to attend classes for about two days per month for eight months. This program begins with the NCTA Cow/Calf College in May and ends with the conclusion of the UNL West Central Beef Practicum in January 2011.

The program gives outreach participants access to the latest research in beef cattle production, and helps them develop a business plan, partnership agreement and a FSA low interest loan application. Since the 100 Beef Cow Ownership Program expanded to include an Outreach Advantage Program in May 2008, NCTA has enrolled more than 20 remote students. In addition 47 campus based students are involved in the program from Nebraska and several surrounding states.

Producers can learn more about the program by calling 1-800-3CURTIS or at the website

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