NCTA in top 25 trade schools |

NCTA in top 25 trade schools

CURTIS, Neb. — A national spotlight shines brightly for students arriving this weekend to the campus of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis, Neb.

Aggie students had their choice of higher education programs affirmed Thursday by a Forbes news article tabbing NCTA as ranking 16th among the nation’s top 25 Trade Schools.

“Once again, the exceptional quality of NCTA academic programs has been recognized nationally due to the success of our graduates after they enter their careers. This is a true test of the effectiveness of a college focused on workforce development,” said Ron Rosati, NCTA dean.

Classes begin Monday at the small, rural college conveniently located about halfway between McCook and North Platte.

Focusing on hands-on learning and workforce development in agriculture and veterinary technology, NCTA is the sole two-year college program in the University of Nebraska system.

“The top 25 ranking by Forbes is terrific news and reaffirms what most of us already know — that NCTA is among the best when it comes to preparing those passionate about agriculture and animal health,” said Mike Boehm, University of Nebraska vice president for agriculture and natural resources and vice chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

“Congratulations to all current and former students, and thanks to NCTA’s student-centered and amazing faculty and staff.’’

The national rating among top trade schools comes for a second consecutive year in an online review written by Cartier Coudriet, assistant editor.

Scoring criteria evaluated graduate success, affordability, completion rates and student experiences.

“This assessment reinforces that NCTA provides access to outstanding academic programs in a cost-effective manner,” Rosati noted. “Our approach by faculty and staff helps to create successful students on campus and successful graduates in the workforce.”

In 2017, NCTA was ranked 27th of the top 30.

Many trade schools and colleges saw declining enrollments over the past eight years, Coudriet noted. However, NCTA expects a fifth year in a row of more students on campus, perhaps the highest attendance since 2011, Rosati said.

See the Top 25 list at: and scoring criteria at

For details on the college, see or call 1-800-3CURTIS.

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