NE Colorado safflower yields below average this year |

NE Colorado safflower yields below average this year

Growers in northeast Colorado reported yields ranging from 300 pounds per acre to 1,000 pounds per acre during this year’s safflower harvest, which was a little below average but “promising” considering the drought that affected parts of the region in 2011, according to officials with Dreamland Industries – an Abilene, Tex., company that contracts with safflower growers.

It’s estimated that about 3,000 acres are grown across northeastern Colorado, according to the company.

Ray Templeton, president with Dreamland Industries, said the extreme drought affected yields across the country, but growers were “very pleased” with the crop’s response to the drought conditions.

Growers in Kansas reported yields of 500 pounds per acre up to 1,500 pounds per acre on dryland ground, and growers in Nebraska and Wyoming reported yields from 500 pounds per acre to 1,250 pounds per acre for dryland safflower.

The gross income for these growers ranged between $100 and $260 per acre, said officials with Dreamland Industries.

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