Neal ‘positive’ after congressional trip to Mexico on USMCA |

Neal ‘positive’ after congressional trip to Mexico on USMCA

-The Hagstrom Report

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal, D-Mass., said Tuesday that Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador had engaged in a “positive” way with the members of the House Democratic Working Group on NAFTA 2.0 when members of the group visited Mexico this week.

But Neal also said he wants Mexico to demonstrate it will enforce the labor provisions of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade.

“Our meeting with President López Obrador shed further light on the Mexican government’s desire and intentions to carry out its labor justice reform, but the United States needs to see those assurances put into action,” Neal said in a news release. “I appreciate today’s positive engagement and am eager to see Mexico demonstrate its commitment to implementing the changes necessary to realize its own vision for reform and meet the demanding labor and enforcement standards that will be required by the renegotiated NAFTA.”

The Ways and Means Committee said, “A primary focus of the members’ time in Mexico was to assess the nation’s ability to follow through on promised reforms and implement the legal, institutional, and cultural changes in accordance with Mexico’s laws and the renegotiated agreement’s requirements. The delegation also met with Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard as well as Secretary of Labor Luisa María Alcalde and Finance Secretary Arturo Herrera to examine the López Obrador administration’s proposed budget and the funding allocated to implement the country’s labor reform law.

“Members also took time to speak directly with Mexican workers and Mexican labor leaders about their experiences in the workplace and the labor protections and reforms they believe are most critical.”