Neb. petition initiative committee won’t seek ballot measure for property tax relief |

Neb. petition initiative committee won’t seek ballot measure for property tax relief

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Yes to Property Tax Relief Committee announced today that the petition initiative campaign to place a $1.1 billion property tax relief proposal on the November 2018 ballot has ended and petition signature collection efforts will cease.

Committee spokesman Trent Fellers released the following statement:

“We are grateful to the thousands of Nebraskans who have signed the petition, and to those who have dedicated their time and resources to this effort. Unfortunately, we no longer believe their interests are best served by this initiative and we are ending the campaign.”

“Doubts remain that a ballot measure to change state law is the correct means to address this issue. We’ve observed the Legislature closely and are not convinced the Legislature will effectively implement our proposal to reduce property taxes, even if enacted by the people. The decision not to proceed with the initiative petition does not mean we are ending our efforts to reduce the property tax burden, only that we are exploring other options that would set a higher bar to ensure the will of the people is carried out, including a possible Constitutional Amendment that could withstand any challenge from the Legislature.”

“What remains clear through this process and our discussions with Nebraskans is that people across the state are committed to finding permanent solutions to both the property tax burden and the broader issue of education funding in this state. The voice of the people, already a significant influence on our efforts here, will continue to guide our deliberations as we determine the path forward as we work to address property taxes and education funding.”

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