Nebraska Cattlemen attend NCBA convention in Nashville |

Nebraska Cattlemen attend NCBA convention in Nashville

LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska was well represented during the Cattle Industry Convention and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade Show held in Nashville, Tenn. Low and behold it was a young Nebraska couple that pushed this year’s attendance past the previous record. A marvelous 9,331 cattlemen and women from across the nation visited Music City.

“During NCBA convention various policies come out of numerous committees that Nebraska Cattlemen will be mindful of moving forward,” said Troy Stowater, Nebraska Cattlemen President. “Everyone has a role, from cash trade transparency to being a leader in advocacy. We all must play our part to keep the industry moving forward.”

At the convention, several key beef industry leadership roles were filled by Nebraska Cattlemen members:

Craig Uden, Elwood, was elected to become president of NCBA

Mark Spurgin of Ogallala, was appointed to be the new chairman of NCBA PAC.

Dawn Caldwell, Edgar, was elected to the Federation Division vice chair

Steve Hanson, Elsie, was appointed to be Federation Division Representative Operating Committee

Buck Wehrbein, Waterloo, was appointed to be Federation Division Representative Operating Committee

Nebraska Cattlemen members beginning their NCBA service were Dale Grotelueschen as Cattle Health & Well Being Committee vice chairman, Stephen Sunderman as Live Cattle Marketing Committee vice chairman and Scott Peterson as Tax and Credit Committee vice chairman.

Also, congratulations to the Nebraska cattlemen and women that received awards for their hard work and dedication to the cattle industry:

BQA Cow-Calf Award – Wulf Cattle, Nebraska & Minnesota

2016 Top Hand Club Res. Champion with 40 Members – Melody Benjamin, Nebraska Cattlemen, Lakeside

National Beef Ambassador – Elizabeth Loseke, Columbus

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