Nebraska corn farmers support Dairy Month |

Nebraska corn farmers support Dairy Month

Nebraska Corn Board
Lincoln, Neb.

What better way to celebrate June being Dairy Month than by having a nice, cold glass of milk! Thanks to the many hard working and dedicated dairy farmers and families, we are able to get our nutrition from a number of dairy products, including milks, cheeses, yogurts, and much more.

Here in Nebraska, there are 230 dairy farms that are producing milk for consumers located in the state, U.S., and around the world! On average, a dairy cow can produce 6.4 gallons of milk a day, which ends up being 2,325 gallons in a typical year.

Now, there are a lot of things that attribute to this large output of milk, such as Nebraska’s resources. These resources include feed, land, water, labor, and most of all, Nebraska’s quality of life. When looking at feed, Nebraska has an abundant supply of high quality feed: corn!

Another abundant feed source from Nebraska being used in the dairy industry is the corn-ethanol co-product, distillers grains. On average, a dairy cow can consume roughly five or more pounds of dried distillers grains a day.

The Nebraska Corn Board has partnered with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to complete research on feeding dairy cows dried distillers grains and how it affects milk production. According to the research, dried distillers grains does not have a negative impact on milk production as long as the dairy cows are being fed a balanced diet. One benefit of distillers grains is that it provides dairy cows the necessary fiber. This fiber helps the cows have a better digestive system, which in turn helps keep the animal healthy.

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