Nebraska Extension presents “Growth and Risk” workshops |

Nebraska Extension presents “Growth and Risk” workshops

Nebraska Extension will present the first “Growth and Risk workshops for farmers and ranchers Dec. 10 and 11, North Platte, Neb., and Dec 12 and 13 in Norfolk, Neb. This workshop will be an engaging, thought provoking way for farm and ranch operators to increase their management skills and plan for future farm and ranch success.

Experts in decision-making, financial risk, human resources, investment analysis from three universities will engage attendees in directed discussion learning. Specialists from four universities, NDSU, SDSU, UNL and USU, will lead learning sessions. Sessions will include “Effective Decision-making”, “Managing Financial Risk”, “Positive Inquiry Workshop”, “Managing Price Risk”, “Investment Analysis” and “Human Resources”. Alan Baquet will lead the Appreciative Inquiry workshop, a process to lead and assess positive improvements on farms and ranches.

For more information, to attend and a full agenda of the Growth and Risk Workshop call Matt Stockton at (308) 696-6713, or Robert Tigner at (308) 696-6734, Registration for the workshop is $150.

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