Nebraska goat tier Madee Doerr wins 1D at Ty Tuff Challenge in N.D. |

Nebraska goat tier Madee Doerr wins 1D at Ty Tuff Challenge in N.D.

–Ty Tuff
Keanna Ward, Belle Fourche, was the High Point winner with points gathered in the goat tying and the breakaway.
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RESULTS Breakaway ropers 1st-KL Spratt-Nebraska-9.28-$1,937

2nd-Bailey Fruit-Montana-9.87–$1,312

3rd-Katy Miller-South Dakota-10.59–$1,000

4th-Misti Brown–10.86–$687

5th- Jacey Hupp-South Dakota-20.34-$562

6th-Samantha Jorgenson-North Dakota-5.44 on 2–$437

7th-Cedar Jandreau-South Dakota-6.21 on 2–$312

Junior and high school ropers 1st-Meghan McGinley-Montana-6.23-$799

2nd-Madison Kontz-South Dakota–6.93–$555

3rd-Faith Tarter-Montana–8.34-$355

4th Mikenzy Miller-South Dakota-9.70-$244

5th-Jillian Kostrzewski-Minnesota–19.80-$155

6th- Haiden Thompson-Nebraska—3.03 on 1- $111

SIDEPOTS (2 runs)


1st-Lacey Tech-South Dakota-13.65 on 2-Rowdy Silver Buckle

High School

 1st-Karrisa Rayhill-South Dakota-14.66-Rowdy Silver buckle

 2nd-Meghan McGinley-Montana-14.70-haybag

 Junior High

 1st-Jessica Stevens-Nebraska-15.36-Rowdy Silver Buckle

 2nd-Kaitlyn Sandland-South Dakota-16.91-haybag


4th Carlee Johnston-South Dakota, 28.28

3rd Desta Misegades-Minnesota, 27.68

2nd Riley Smith-South Dakota, 27.37

1st Chelsey Kelly-South Dakota, 27.14


4th Keanna Ward-South Dakota, 26.41

3rd Josi Stevens-South Dakota, 26.08

2nd Cashae McGee-North Dakota, 26.03

1st Tayle Brink-South Dakota, 25.69


4th Shaylee Hance-Montana, 24.03

3rd Piper Naylon-Wyoming, 23.94

2nd Katy Miller-South Dakota, 23.91

1st Brianna Williams-South Dakota, 23.43


4th Lacey Tech-South Dakota, 23.31

3rd Kaycee Monnens-Wyoming, 22.73

2nd Karissa Rayhill-South Dakota, 22.33

1st Madee Doerr-Nebraska, 21.30


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If goat tying or breakaway roping is your forte, then the place to be on July 29 was at the Dakota Winds Arena in Bowman, N.D., for the fifth annual Ty Tuff Challenge.

It was another hot July day filled with sizzling talent. Goat tiers and ropers of all ages and levels spilled into the rodeo grounds early Saturday morning. Ninety-seven goat tiers and 101 ropers from nine states were entered in hopes of taking home a piece of the $25,000 up for grabs in cash and prizes. The weather cooled down a bit mid-afternoon after a thunderstorm rolled through with light rain, but the competition remained hot.

The top 10 in each “D” earned the right to tie another goat in a short go. Social media was once again utilized as the short go was posted “LIVE” on Facebook which gave many the opportunity to watch if they could not be there.

Announcer, Colton Backhaus of Mandan, N.D., and goat contractor John Hight, of Dupree, S.D., judged Chuck Christman and Randy Hilzendeger, and the entire Ty Tuff team kept the action moving rapidly throughout the day.


Action started at 9 a.m. that morning with 57 open breakaway ropers. Payout was to 7th place. These girls ran two head with the top 20 going to a short go.

Winning that with a 9.28 on three head was KL Spratt from Nebraska. She pocketed $1,937 in cash and also was awarded a Jasper Training Barrier.

Fast times in each round paid back $160. Bailey Fruit posted the fastest time in the first round with a 2.72. Samantha Jorgenson had the fast time in the 2nd round with a 2.24.

Forty four junior high and high school ropers followed right on the heels of the open with a 2 head average.

Meghan McGinley from Montana roped her two calves in 6.23. She took home $799 and a winter horse blanket.


The competition was strong and there were several girls who laid down some smoking 6 second runs that set the stage for the 4D format. Each round continually changed throughout the day.

In the open event first place went to Lacey Tech of South Dakota with a time of 13.65. In the high school and junior high school divisions, Karrisa Rayhill and Jessica Stevens took first, respectively, with Rahill finishing in 14.66 seconds and Stevens in 15.36.


The 4D layout paid equal monies in each “D” down to sixth place. Awards were given through fourth place. The first place finisher won a winter horse blanket and second through fourth place earned stirrups, a gear bag and shoo flys, respectively.

The winners in each “D” were Chelsey Kelly, Tayle Brink and Brianna Williams all of South Dakota and Madee Doerr of Nebraska.

Keanna Ward of Belle Fourche, S.D, took home all-around honors. She gathered up 29 points in the rounds of breakaway and goat tying to win the top hand award for the day. She received a custom-made beaded breast collar by Hangin’ Heart Beadwork and a $500 equine swim certificate by Steele Equi-Fit.

During the break between go rounds, 10 youngsters ages 7-11 matched each other in a heated 3 round ground tying competition. The winner was Kenzie Homelvig from North Dakota. Second place went to Hadley Thompson, Wyoming; Lyvia Misegades from Minnesota was third and Tandy Nelson from South Dakota was fourth. They all received Ty Tuff merchandise for their efforts.

Ty Tuff awards two $500 scholarships each year. Kelsey Lensegrav of Interior, S.D, was awarded the high school scholarship and Justinn Marshall Lahaye of Saco, Mont., received the “Above and Beyond Scholarship.”