Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board issues statement on the National Ag Statistic Survey 2021 Projected Planting Report

LINCOLN, Neb. — On Wednesday, March 31, the National Ag Statistics Service released the report on 2021 Prospective Plantings. The report, based on survey responses from agricultural producers, indicates a significant increase in sorghum acres planned for Nebraska in 2021.

In 2020, Nebraska’s sorghum acres totaled 195,000 acres. Per the NASS report, Nebraska will see an increase of 105,000 acres, bringing total acres planted for grain sorghum to 300,000 acres; Up 54% from the previous year. This increase is largely due to rallying market prices for sorghum. Many bids in the state for 2021 crop are $1 per bushel or more over corn, and even higher in states adjacent to Nebraska. The price of corn is used as a benchmark reference point for sorghum, since sorghum is not traded on the Chicago Board of Trade.

It is notable that demand for sorghum in the domestic and international markets continues to grow. Much demand for sorghum in 2020 went unmet due to lower supply, which contributed to the rise in the sorghum price.

“We are pleased to see an increase in sorghum acres projected for the 2021 growing season,” stated Nate Blum, executive director of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board. “Additional acres of sorghum in Nebraska mean additional opportunities for increased on-farm revenues and water, wildlife and soil conservation. Many new producers should note that research shows an average 8% increase in corn yields when following sorghum in rotation.” Blum continued, “Nebraska’s new and returning sorghum producers should know that the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board is committed to continuing our work to develop value-added domestic and international markets on their behalf. Additionally, Nebraska sorghum has multiple resources available to producers throughout the growing season and on-demand at”


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