Nebraska LEAD travels abroad |

Nebraska LEAD travels abroad

LINCOLN, Neb.- Twenty-nine Nebraska LEAD XXVII Fellows recently returned from an International Study/Travel Seminar to South Korea, China and Hong Kong.

“This seminar is designed to provide first-hand appreciation and understanding of the global/international community and the potential for people of all nations to work together,” said Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD Program director and group leader.

During the Jan. 10-24 seminar, LEAD Fellows attended briefings at American embassies and met with American business, agricultural trade and commodity groups.

Additionally, LEAD Fellows were able to observe agricultural production with visits to farms, along with briefings at agricultural research centers and universities.

“After traveling almost 20,000 miles, I’m sure many of Nebraska LEAD Group XXVII looks back on our International Study/Travel Seminar as an educational and eye-opening experience,” said Alan Estes of Stuart. “I was amazed at the Korean people’s continuing appreciation for the United States because of our role in protecting their freedom over 50 years ago.

“In China, we saw so many farms of less than one acre, but are still very productive. I also think of all the walls … from the Great Wall to the city walls, to the walls around their houses and fields. However, the walls between our nations are coming down as we learn to work together, and further develop better understandings of each other. This was a great experience and I thank the Nebraska LEAD Program for providing it.”

LEAD XXVII Fellows that participated were: Wayne Bahler, Lamar; Diane Becker, Madison; Frank Beel, Johnstown; Glenn Beller, Lindsay; Lynn Belitz, Fullerton; Andrew Bose, Wayne; Bruce Bostelman, Brainard; Don Bristol, Fairmont; Melissa Dearmont, Rose; John Doerr, Osmond; Doug Ferguson, Blue Springs; Adam Fischer, Valentine; Curtis Friesen, Henderson; Eugene Goering, Platte Center; John Hay, Palmyra; Joel Kuehn, Heartwell; Troy Linn, Overton; Steve Nelson, Schuyler; David Nichols, Chambers; Jecca Ostrander, Gordon; Mike Oswald, Aurora; Kenneth Rahjes, Elwood; Julie Rau-Ruhter, Ainsworth; Todd Reichardt, Aurora; Stephanie Stedman, Burr; Brandy Van De Walle, Ohiowa; Ryan Walker, Scottsbluff; and Travis Wenzel, Hyannis.

For more information, or to request an application for Nebraska LEAD XXIX, contact the Nebraska LEAD Program, 318 Biochemistry Hall, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Neb. 68583-0763 or call (402) 472-6810. The application deadline is June 15.


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