Nebraska State Fair Board realigns |

Nebraska State Fair Board realigns

Shaun Schleif
Lincoln, Neb.

The Nebraska State Fair Board will be seeing new faces as a result of term limits provided for in Nebraska State Statute. According to State Fair Executive Director, Joseph McDermott, “We were going through a rudimentary review of board policies when we discovered the State Statute regarding term limits for our Board of Directors. At issue was not the three term limit provided by state law, but instead what constituted a full term.

“There have been a number of changes to the statute with regard to term of office for the Nebraska State Fair Board since 2002, so we asked the opinion of our legal counsel and with that of Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman’s office. Both concurred that those elected or appointed in 2003 to a one-year term, could serve two additional three-year terms before their commitment to the Nebraska State Fair Board was fulfilled.

Those board members affected are Governor Appointee Sallie Atkins of Halsey, Neb., serving Nebraska’s Third District and elected board members Joe Andrews of Bassett, Neb., serving District 7, and Jerry Fitzgerald of Gering, Neb., serving District 6. These board members have either fulfilled, or surpassed their terms on the board.

McDermott says, “As a result, elections of new board members will be held in the districts currently represented by Joe Andrews and Jerry Fitzgerald, while the Governor will appoint a new board member for the Third Congressional District seat held by Sallie Atkins.

“The Nebraska State Fair has enjoyed such tremendous success since moving to Grand Island for the 2010 State Fair, and each and every board member played an integral part in making that move a reality,” McDermott said.

“Our next step will be to review and change our bylaws so that we can visit both Districts 6 and 7 to conduct special elections for both Andrews and Fitzgerald’s seats. Currently our bylaws state that district elections are held at the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers Convention, which has passed for this year,” he said.

“Those decisions made by the board over the past year will stand as each were made in good faith following procedural rules.

“I cannot begin to tell you what a herculean effort each board member made to accomplish in just 13 months – the building of the fairgrounds and the move to Grand Island,” McDermott said.

For more information, contact the Nebraska State Fair office at (308) 382-1620 or

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