New extension website provides inspiration for acreage residents |

New extension website provides inspiration for acreage residents

LINCOLN, Neb. – University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension has created a new monthly web-based program to help acreage owners manage their rural living environment.

The website, at, offers new content each month, including UNL Extension’s already well-known e-mail Acreage eNews newsletter, which features timely articles on managing water, ornamental landscapes, food-crop plantings, wildlife and more. The site also will include a monthly “show,” with video offerings on landscapes, water resources, keeping animals, attracting wildlife, managing pests and weeds, producing food on the acreage, entrepreneurial considerations, and opportunities for youth.

Other new monthly offerings include an acreage commentary entitled “Views from the Land,” a drinking water question-and-answer section, featured Nebraska animal and plant of the month, a calendar of events, and more.

June features include drinking water testing, attracting butterflies, vegetable garden disease control and raising raspberries.

Sarah Browning, UNL Extension educator, said the acreage team is seeking content from acreage residents, too. “We will solicit theme-based pictures each month, and selected photos will be posted on the website,” Browning said.

The team also encourages acreage residents to send questions and pictures of problem areas on their acreage which team members will address. “We even hope people will send photos of landscape features they’re especially proud of to offer inspiration to others,” Browning said.

Acreage residents also can follow the website’s updates via Facebook and Twitter.