New recertification process now required in Nebraska |

New recertification process now required in Nebraska

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. – Three initial commercial pesticide training opportunities and two recertification programs will be available at the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte, said a University of Nebraska technologist.

Anyone who wants to apply pesticides commercially must be certified, said Dave Boxler, Entomology Research Technologist at UNL’s West Central Research and Extension Center. The initial trainings are scheduled for Feb. 3, Feb. 26 and April 16, 2008. Recertification is planned for Feb. 5 and 24, 2008. All sessions will begin at 9 a.m.

Permit applicants can pre-register and purchase self-study materials by calling (800) 627-7216 or visiting on the Internet and clicking on Pesticide Licensing in the left menu bar.

In 2008, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will offer recertification of several categories by exam only. In the past, all applicators could recertify by attending a training session, but that option is no longer available for some categories, said Boxler.

The General Standards Training requirements of recertification can still be met through attending a training session. However, category-specific requirements will need to be met by completing a self-study exam (similar or identical to the exams taken when you first acquired your license) which is offered only at the Initial Pesticide Training Programs. These exams will not be offered at the recertification sessions.

The affected categories include:

1a- Soil Fumigation

02- Ag Animal

03- Forest Pest Control

05s- Sewer Root Control with Metam Sodium

06- Seed Treatment

REG- Regulatory Pest Control Subcategory

D/R- Demonstration/Research Pest Control Subcategory

To recertify in the above categories, plan to attend one of the two Initial Pesticide Training Programs listed above or check the Pesticide Education website, for other initial training dates and locations. For further information, call (308)-696-6721.

Acquiring the study materials for your specific category is the first step in the recertification process. To order the study materials, call (800)-627-7216 or download them on-line at


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