New rules for dicamba-tolerant soybean production in 2018 |

New rules for dicamba-tolerant soybean production in 2018

John Spring
Area Extension Agent, CSU Extension

If you plan to grow dicamba-tolerant (XtendTM trait) soybeans this year, you should be aware of new Environmental regulations governing use of the dicamba formulations registered in the XtendTM production system for 2018 and beyond. After widespread issues with off-target dicamba movement and injury across the U.S. in 2017, additional restrictions have been imposed on the use of XtendiMaxTM (Monsanto), EngeniaTM (BASF) and FeXapanTM (DuPont) herbicides in the XtendTM soybean production system. These formulations are now “restricted use” products, for use only by licensed applicators or those under their direct supervision. Licensed applicators will also have to complete additional, dicamba-specific training prior to using any of these products. It is illegal to apply these herbicides without first completing the training. Additional recordkeeping requirements and rules for application methods have also been added, and are far stricter than usual for herbicides. These new rules apply only to the dicamba formulations registered for use in dicamba-tolerant soybeans — other dicamba products used in other crops are not included in the new rules.

Dicamba-specific training must be taken prior to using any of these restricted use dicamba products (XtendiMax, Engenia and FeXapan). Growers planning to use XtendTM soybeans are recommended to contact their sales representative, product manufacturer, or the Colorado Department of Agriculture for further information on trainings and relevant regulations. Make arrangements well in advance of the growing season to prevent any chance of complications later.


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