New winter wheat variety features broad adaptation, high yield potential |

New winter wheat variety features broad adaptation, high yield potential

Syngenta boosts seed supplies of new AgriPro brand variety that sold out last year

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. — A new hard red winter wheat variety introduced on a limited basis in 2020 will be widely available as certified seed for the 2021 winter wheat planting season.

The new AgriPro brand variety, AP18 AX, was developed for use in the CoAXium Wheat Production System. It allows use of Aggressor herbicide for unsurpassed, broad-spectrum control of the most damaging winter annual grasses, including feral rye, jointed goatgrass, wild oats, cheatgrass and downy brome.

“This is the first CoAXium wheat variety with high yield potential, good straw strength and very good tolerance to both wheat streak mosaic virus and stripe rust,” said Matt Keating, AgriPro brand key account lead in Atkinson, Neb. “AP18 AX is broadly adapted for dryland planting from South Dakota to Oklahoma and performs well under a wide range of growing conditions.”

According to Keating, AP18 AX also features superior winter hardiness and test weight. “Farmers know that conditions will change every year and often within a single growing season, so they are looking for yield consistency across multiple environments,” he said. “This medium-maturity variety helps mitigate many of the risks associated with wheat production across the Central Plains.”

Wheat producer Kenny Bock of Kingman, Kan., planted a dryland quarter section to AP18 AX last fall and harvested it in June. The field was heavily infested with feral rye after two or three generations of continuous wheat. “I chose AP18 AX for this field strictly to battle the feral rye,” Bock said.

Bock made two applications of Aggressor herbicide at labeled rates, one each in the fall and spring. He also applied glyphosate as a preplant burndown. “I now feel confident that I will be able to clean up fields like this one going forward,” he said.

Last year’s winter wheat growing conditions were anything but ideal. There were several long dry spells, and temperatures were much cooler than usual in the fall and spring. Much of the winter was bitterly cold, with an 11-day deep freeze and one 72-hour period posting wind chills of 38 degrees below zero. According to Bock, a lot of conventional wheat in the area sustained freeze damage, but the winter hardiness of the AP18 AX was exceptional.

“We also had a lot of mold, fungus and general disease pressure in neighboring fields,” he said. “But the new AgriPro variety stayed healthy throughout the season.” Bock did make one application of Quilt Xcel fungicide at flag leaf.

At harvest came the payoff: the 160-acre section planted to AP18 AX yielded an average of 64 bushels per acre, with what Bock called “unbelievable” test weights of 66 or stronger. And, despite the feral rye pressure, there was zero dockage at the local elevator for every truckload of this grain delivered.

“This was some really beautiful wheat, with a dark mahogany color, heads that were full and fat, and straw that stood straight up,” Bock said. “It was a lot of fun to cut. I just watched the grain roll in on the yield monitor.”

Bock added that he plans to plant 400 or more acres to AP18 AX this fall and has already ordered his seed.

Backed by more than 50 years of wheat-breeding expertise, AgriPro brand wheat varieties are consistent top performers that offer best-in-class disease packages, leading agronomics and outstanding yields.

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