New Year’s Eve, 2008 |

New Year’s Eve, 2008

Anna Aughenbaugh
Fort Collins, Colo.

Christmas is over and it is time to look back over the year that is coming to a close. It is strange how some of the time dragged agonizingly slow, then other times it flew by at warp speed. There were losses, sad times and good times.

The last day of December can be a family time of enjoying being together.

New traditions can be initiated that will be meaningful throughout 2009.

It is a time for fun, traditional foods, games and writing thank you notes for the gifts you received.

Make a poster with columns of categories of goals at the top, such as New Things to Try, Ways to Show Love to Each Other, Books to Read. Brainstorm ideas to write under each column. This can be a family poster, or each one can make their own. Next year, look it over to see what was accomplished, and what you want to keep working on.

Write ideas for a game of charades on pieces of paper, or let each player think of what to act out. Funny events or accomplishments of the past year, acted out in exaggerated pantomime, can have participants doubled over with laughter.

Write the answers to questions such as, “If I had three wishes, they’d be,” “this year I want to” “I want to learn to…..” Next year look at them to see what was accomplished or how thoughts and dreams changed.

Get a new calendar and write important -do not forget- birthdays and anniversaries in the appropriate squares.

This may be a time to decide how to simplify your life, not to feel deprived or lacking, but to understand what is important. Put your concerns, worries and fears about the economy, your hopes, dreams and family in God’s hands. Focus on the eternal, what really matters and face the new year enthusiastically. As Charles Spurgeon said, “It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy.”