NEGFA will dissolve after 125 years |

NEGFA will dissolve after 125 years

by Kristi Block
NEGFA Executive Vice President

It is with a happy and heavy heart that I write to inform you that the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association has voted and is moving to dissolve effective June 25, 2020. As we celebrate our 125th year, we also recognize where our members need to focus industry’s time, attention, talents, and resources. We hope to culminate our success and gather one last time as industry and association at our June 4 Golf Tournament in Ashland.

Our members we’re notified this morning April 8, 2021, and will have an opportunity to hear and discuss this decision to dissolve with the board on April 22. As this decision will no doubt spark much conversation, I wanted to let each of you know and feel free to direct any comments or questions you may receive to me about the upcoming dissolution.

We have accomplished much in 125 years and to continue to best serve the needs of the industry we must look at the global and international stage. While local and state politics are important, the true industry specific issues top-of-mind with our members are best met at the national and international levels of government and regulation.

I am extremely proud of the board and their due diligence on this two-year (+) journey. The decision to dissolve was not taken lightly. It was not an easy decision. I believe the board reviewed and contemplated every possible option (and there were some creative ideas) on how best to situate the association to meet the coming needs of the industry and its members. While it is never easy to close one chapter, I think the association and its members are ready to see what the next chapter beholds.

I want to thank each of you for your support, expertise, guidance, and just general camaraderie as you all know the life of the association staff leader is tough, diverse, and can be lonely. I could not have done the past four years without your help.

I hope that this is not a final good-bye. I feel like I am going through my first retirement which meets early retirement wish. I hope we can connect again and stay in touch.

For those of you wondering what is next for me — do not fear — I will not be penniless begging on the roadside at the Walmart parking lot entrance. I strongly contemplated (slightly looked forward to) being a long-haul truck driver with caveats of no snow and not in East Coast city centers. The thought of the radio, audiobook, or podcast mix blasting through the speaker; being told where to be, where to go, and not making any other decisions than what’s for lunch and where to get gas, while enjoying the beautiful scenery on the open road seemed like a good post retirement “hobby.”

However, there were other plans to be had. I began work as the member implementation manager for AgGateway in January. I now have the privilege to nerd out on things beyond my understanding and am quickly learning much about coding, data standards, data metrics, and sensors. I have also become more involved in the family farm as their new bookkeeper and am expecting additional responsibilities as we revisit succession planning and transitioning the farm later this year.

I can say the past four years will bring many memories to me for years to come and have deeply influenced my life, values, and personality.

Thank you for being a part of it.

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