North Dakota farmer detained in Ukraine

A North Dakota farmer with business dealings in Ukraine now finds himself in custody there, accused by authorities in that country of plotting an assassination attempt against Ukraine’s agriculture minister, DTN/The Progressive Farmer has reported.

“The allegations come after four years of legal battles and incriminating claims in Ukraine between North Dakota farmer Kurt Groszhans, 50, and Roman Leshchenko, who became Ukraine’s agricultural minister earlier this year at age 32 and has claimed physical threats against him ever since he took office,” DTN said in the article published Nov. 24.

Chris Clayton, the DTN policy editor who wrote the article, said that the article was the most read on DTN’s site last week, signaling broad concern around rural America about Groszhans’ situation.

A spokesperson for Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., told The Hagstrom Report today, “After hearing from Mr. Groszhans’ family and friends, our office contacted the State Department to ensure his well-being and that he is being provided with the appropriate due process. We will continue to be in touch with the State Department.”

Meanwhile, tensions between Russia and the United States over Ukraine have escalated, The New York Times reported today.


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