Northern Colorado is entering the season for swarms of bees |

Northern Colorado is entering the season for swarms of bees

As spring progresses in Colorado, residents may begin to see swarms of honeybees on their property.

According to a news release from Nancy Jones, spokeswoman for the Northern Colorado Beekeepers’ Association, if residents do encounter a swarm of bees, they should call the swarm hotline at (844) 779-2337. The hotline is managed by the Colorado State Beekeepers Association, and that organization will dispatch a beekeeper to handle the swarm, usually within an hour.

Swarm season usually lasts from mid-April through June, the release states. Swarms occur when a hive becomes overpopulated, and some bees strike out to find a new home. When a queen bee lands on a branch or a post, according to the release, other bees land near her, forming what’s known as a “ball of bees.” It can appear frightening to the average person, but, the release states, residents shouldn’t spray the bees with water or insect repellant. They should simply call the swarm hotline and allow the beekeepers to take care of the situation.

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