Nothing like a good laugh |

Nothing like a good laugh

You’ve heard the expression … “We laughed ’til we cried.” It is a ‘happening’ these days, there doesn’t seem to be that much that is truly humorous anymore.

We have spent many long days and evenings lately in what seems like an endless winter! Having lived here in rural Nebraska for nigh on 80 years, we find no comfort in acknowledging our winter can last another …..well .. long time yet.

Among other Christmas gifts, (pajamas, slippers, sweaters) our kids gave’ us one to call our friends about – Fifteen DVDs of Dean Martin’s Variety shows from the 1970s and ’80s. We have played one or two almost every evening and last night we laughed ’til we cried. I actually had a headache, but didn’t care. This is a good way to get a headache.

Our generation, and some a lot younger, are so thoroughly disgusted with what the entertainment industry is offering us. What a refresher to see almost every movie and T.V. star we ever heard of, sing, dance and act out just the simplest situations. The comedy skits of the Martin series are so fundamental, anyone can recognize being in these positions.

Comedy is the work of true genius to make people laugh at them and ourselves. Far from the dribble they think is funny today. Most situations are ad-lib, not rehearsed and the stars’ spend most of their time cracking each other up. They all expose themselves to just down right silliness with zero bad or filthy language.

Many, of these old familiar show people are dead now but these disks will keep them alive and full of fun as long as anyone pulls them out of Grandma’s library and watches them. Several members of our family MUST see what has entertained us so thoroughly. We can’t wait to show some of them to our grandson in Kansas City. He is an “old soul” that can entertain all of us with some slap-stick antics about just answering a phone call from his brother. He has made us laugh until … you know.

I know what I am going to do from now on when I am worried about something I can do nothing about. I’m going to dig a few of these treasures out and have myself a good laugh instead of worrying. My wise aunt used to say, “Worrying is like rocking in a chair, gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.” And, it is a proven fact that a good laugh is good for your health.

I got over my headache, but not the memory of two old people having a great time.

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