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NWF congratulates board director on new role at ASA

WASHINGTON — The National Wheat Foundation congratulates Ryan Findlay, Syngenta’s industry relations lead for North America, for accepting to role of CEO of the American Soybean Association.

“We could not think of a more qualified candidate to lead the American Soybean Association,” said National Wheat Foundation Executive Chairman Chandler Goule. “Ryan’s long-time experience in the agriculture industry, passion for farming and expertise in agriculture policy make him an ideal match for ASA.”

Findlay has served as a director for the National Wheat Foundation for more than three years. During his time on the board, Ryan has really aided the foundation in achieving its mission to take on projects that help consumers, policymakers and other third parties have a better understanding of the wheat value chain and the role farmers play in it. His position at Syngenta has also helped the foundation improve and expand on their relationship with its industry partners.

“We congratulate Ryan again on his new position and wish him all the best,” Goule said. “We would like to thank Ryan for his years of service on the board. We are looking forward to continuing to work with him in his new role.”


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