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NWSS reinstates 6 lambs; 12 still disqualified

Kati Anderson
National Western Stock Show

The National Western Stock Show reinstated six junior market lambs that had previously been disqualified from the 2006 competition. Eighteen lambs were originally disqualified in April after Colorado State University pathologists concluded the lambs received injections that artificially enhanced their appearance.

Following further review of the evidence by National Western’s junior market lamb task force and additional input from CSU pathologists, the National Western Stock Show lifted the disqualification of the lambs exhibited by Tara Burchfield of Fairview, Okla.; Lane Daniel of Hollis, Okla.; Weston Wayne Hill of Carmen, Okla.; Allison McGolden of Arapaho, Okla.; Baylor Newcomb of Elk City, Okla.; and Carri Smith of Fairview, Okla.

The 12 other lambs remain disqualified from the 2006 competition.

“The National Western Stock Show stands behind its commitment to fair and honest competition,” said National Western president and CEO Pat Grant. “We will not hesitate to disqualify animals that show evidence of cheating. At the same time, we have concluded that the evidence from the six reinstated animals presents alternative explanations for their condition other than illegal tampering.”

All six reinstated exhibitors received explanatory letters, along with their premium monies and sale proceeds from the 2006 Auction of Junior Livestock Champions.


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