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NWSS Wild West Show aims for genuine family entertainment

A group of cowboys gallop under colored lights through the arena as the NWSS Wild West Show takes its audience through time and recreates the old cattle drives of the 1800s.

Held for decades in the National Western Stock Show’s Events Center, the Wild West Show at the historic venue brings that Buffalo Bill Cody vibe into the 21st century.

While remaining true to acts in the original show from over a century ago, including Native American dancers, cowboys herding longhorn cattle, Cossack riders, and even Mexican riders, the show also tries to incorporate new acts on a regular basis for its target audience of families.

“Every year we try and make it something a little different, so it is not the same show every year,” said Dr. Lynn Phillips, who is a long-time announcer but whose real job is as an anesthesiologist. “Our number one objective is entertainment. We want to teach a little history as well as entertain that whole time.”

Although many of the events portrayed in the Wild West Show are spun from history and even lifestyles and cultures of the past, there is an authentic thread that sews it all together for today’s NWSS visitors.

“The people in our show, this is their life,” said NWSS Horse Show Manager Kendra McConnell. “(From the Indian dancers to the cowboys to the Escaramuza riders) it is true tradition and history and heritage for those families. Those acts are real, which is really neat.” ❖

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