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April 22, 2003 – September 14, 2022

Alec Avery Thomas Contreras, at nineteen years of age, passed away on September 14, 2022 in Fort Collins, Colorado. Alec was born April 22, 2003 in Fort Collins, Colorado to the late Mandy Cochran and Emiliano Contreras. Alec was well loved and shared between two families following the passing of his biological mother. He was the oldest of his five siblings Reagan, Radley, Ryder, Whitley, and Oaklie. Alec was educated in the Wiggins School District as well as Fort Collins Public Schools.

Throughout Alec’s life he touched many different lives. He was an ornery child who always knew how to find some fun. He loved to pretend he was a cowboy, with his boots and hat always in toe. He had a way of convincing his brothers to find him something sweet to snack on in the middle of the night, no matter how many times they were caught red-handed. He was a smooth talker and could get out of any trouble just by his smile alone.

Alec bounced around from Wiggins and Fort Collins throughout most of his life. While in Wiggins, he lived with parents Ryan and Amanda Thomas. Some of Alec’s favorite hobbies included working cows with his family. He perfected his cattleman skills while working a few summers for his grandpa Dan Stanley. This is what truly sparked his passion for ranching. Alec was fearless and was always the first volunteer to distract a newborn baby’s momma. He could jump on a horse and sort out a bull in the middle of a pasture in no time, and he took great pride in being the best horseman out of all the Thomas boys. He spent a lot of time hunting with his brothers. They would spend hours walking around scaring unfortunate birds and rabbits. Alec thoroughly enjoyed fishing as well, he could spend hours on the water throwing a line in. Alec was a thrill seeker of all kinds. On any given weekend you could find him stirring up dust on a four wheeler or a dirt bike. He was certainly a jack of all trades. While in Fort Collins, he lived with his dad Emiliano. He spent time working for his family’s restaurant. He loved expanding his knowledge of music and DJ’ing. He also spent time perfecting his skill on a skateboard. He loved working on cars and motorcycles and spent some time as a Mechanic. Alec has extended family in Mexico and would enjoy visiting them every year for the holidays. He was fluent in both English and Spanish. He was always surrounded by many family and friends and loved being the life of the party.
Alec enjoyed one of his first jobs working as a pen-back at the Livestock Exchange getting to show off his talent on a horse. He also spent time working for RWT, the family construction business, a pizza cook at Just 1 More, and a meat cutter at both Cargill and Your Choice Meats. Alec always knew how to light up a room. He wore an unforgettable smile everywhere he went. He had a very unique ability to fit in with whatever crowd or situation with ease. Alec loved his siblings with his whole heart and made sure everyone knew it. He was extremely proud to be the older brother. In such a short amount of time, Alec lived a very unique and fulfilling life. He is extremely missed and will be thought of often.

Alec was proceeded in death by mother Mandy Cochran, maternal uncle Randall Cochran, maternal grandparents Ellwyn and Wilma Cochran, and grandpa Dan Stanley.