Obituary: Dr. Arden J. Nelson

Dr. Arden J. Nelson
Dr. Arden J. Nelson
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January 23, 1951 – May 8, 2023

Dr. Arden Nelson was a talented woodworker, acoustic guitarist and melodious vocalist, and was proud to have coached his children in both basketball and swimming. He was a big fan of women’s sports and could often be heard yelling “BASKETBALL!” after a great play at CSU Women’s Basketball games. He loved to take close-up photographs of the perfection of a flower or bee and remake it with even greater symmetry. He would gladly lecture any kind stranger over the merits of consuming omega 3 fatty acids from farm and ocean foods. He was a stern but loving role model who loved to teach and a staunch supporter of generations of friends and his two beloved families.

In his professional life, Arden was a board certified dairy veterinarian and proponent of grass feeding and keeping cows healthy through nutrition and management. During his career he helped develop several dairy production certification standards to optimize both the nutritional quality of food and health of the animals. He was recognized by his colleagues as AABP Practitioner of the Year of 1994. With his wife, veterinarian Dr. Meg Cattell, he owned and operated Windsor Dairy, which produced raw organic milk, cheese, eggs, pork, lamb and beef for up to 1,200 members. Together they consulted for livestock operations and educated veterinarians around the world. Their family produces and consumes traditional foods and relies on natural remedies for their health needs.

Dr. Arden J. Nelson of LaPorte Colorado (January 23rd, 1951 to May 8th, 2023) son of the late Rev. Vernon and Arlene Nelson of Bemidji, MN died in his home of natural causes surrounded by his family after shoveling sand for the ditch headgate one last time. He is survived by his wife, Dr. Marguerita B. (Meg) Cattell, his children, Carin Nelson, Britt Schmidt, Fiona and Sam Nelson of LaPorte, CO, his grandson, Clark Schmidt and his sisters, Beth and Norene Nelson. He will be sorely missed but his influence will go on.

His life and death will be celebrated and he will be returned to the earth at his home, 3715 W County Rd 54G Laporte, CO 80535 Sunday May 14th from 2-4pm. Visit to share memories.