Obituary: Mike Wells |

Obituary: Mike Wells

Mike Wells
Mike Wells
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– November 18, 2021

Tribute to Mike Wells 1948-2021
Mike Wells was the true definition of a cowboy. His horsemanship was impeccable; he made any horse look better than they were. Mike loved animals, he could make a pet out of anything! And he was personable; he greeted everyone with a smile and no one was a stranger. If you rode up beside him to visit at a roping, he’d turn sideways in his saddle and you knew he was truly listening. He took a lot of pride in his appearance, he wore starched jeans and never had a hair out of place. Even at the end of a long day he still looked sharp. He had a thousand (maybe more!) wild and crazy stories about roping and buying and selling horses – or just things in general, that would fill volumes and make you laugh. He was a genuine been-there, done-that guy. If your horse was lame, you could call him and he’d tell you what to do and where to go if it was serious. If your trailer pulled funny, he knew what the problem was. If you needed advice in business he had a fresh perspective that made sense. He also had a passion for kids; he loved to help kids, whether it was to find them good horses and teach them how to ride or how to rope or to just be their friend. He was feisty and stubborn too, but in a good way. He stood his ground for what was right.
Mike was born in Ohio but grew up in California and started roping when he was a boy. Mike learned a lot from his dad who was a team roper and a horse trader. In the late ’80s Mike moved from California to Franktown, Colorado and brought with him his expertise in all things that pertained to team roping. He built up a solid reputation for roping as well as finding quality rope horses. Mike had considerable connections just about everywhere in the western United States. He would take a trip West every so often until he had filled his trailer with geldings that would fit the bill for his customers. He had a knack for finding solid, sound, gentle and well broke rope horses.
Mike put on ropings at his place every Sunday in the summertime. They were a lot of fun and he always had good steers to rope and ran a good roping. Between his ropings, his lessons and his horse brokering he developed quite a business in Franktown. It was there that he met Cara, the love of his life. They settled down together and eventually moved the whole operation to Hudson, CO, forming the Diamond W Ranch. They also started raising registered Corriente cattle. Mike continued to do a lot of buying and selling of horses and cattle. Cara worked for the Colorado State Brand Board until February of 2020. She was able to retire after 33 years there and then devoted herself full-time to their enterprises. The two of them expanded their herd to include registered Angus cattle as well. In the summer of 2021 they packed up the Diamond W and moved to Kimball, NE to the ranch of their dreams.
They were nearly completely settled in when Mike contracted Covid and passed away in November. He was a great husband and partner to Cara and a true friend to many many people. When he died he left a big hole in this world for those who knew him well.


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