Obituary: Ray Edmiston |

Obituary: Ray Edmiston

Ray Edmiston
Ray Edmiston
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– October 19, 2022

On Wednesday, October 19th, 2022, Ray Edmiston passed away in Lady Lake, Florida. He was 72 years old.
He was a very social child with an entrepreneurial spirit. He began working early in agriculture, dairy farming, and newspaper delivery. Later in his youth, he had a lucrative career selling illegal fireworks.
Ray graduated from Longmont High School in 1968. In his early twenties, he became president of Aerial Sprayers, Inc., which is still in operation today. Although he enjoyed spending time with his customers and was beloved by them, he was most fond of driving around the countryside, checking fields, and observing God’s natural beauty.
Ray had many passions and pursued them with vigor. He and his wife Karen enjoyed travel, especially to Australia and the South Pacific. He was fearless when he was in control. Motorcycles, fast cars, flying, aerobatics, fireworks, and sailing all added excitement to his life. Sometimes to the dread of family and friends.
Ray was active in his community and associations, serving on many boards, including Colorado Ag Aviation and the National Ag Aviation Associations. He was well known for his hard work, determination, community service, and attention-seeking behavior. His family and friends will dearly miss his loyalty, quick wit, smiling face, soft heart, and generosity. He is survived by his wife Karen of 28 years; children Alan (Leslie), Abe (Heather), Brandy, James (Angie) and Casey; grandchildren Lauren, Kenzie (Grant), Mesha, Wyatt and Waylon; and great-grandson Theo. A Celebration of Life will be held at Harbor Hills Country Club on Friday, October 28, in Lady Lake, Fl. A memorial service will be held at the United Methodist Church in Platteville, CO, on November 4 at 2:30 PM, followed by a Celebration of Life at the Meadows Event Center in Platteville at 4:00 PM. Donations in lieu of flowers can be sent to Harbor Hills Ladies Charity, 5750 Crestview Dr., Lady Lake, FL 32159.