The Fence Post obituary: Anita Newell |

The Fence Post obituary: Anita Newell

Anita Newell, 63

Dec. 4, 1956 – Jan. 31, 2019

Fredrick, Colo.

My beautiful, loving, sweet, and wonderful wife, friend, partner, I love you so and miss you so.

The Good Lord gave us seven years and 31 days together. We never missed a moment to express our love for each other, every night and every morning.

Anita began her life in Breckenridge Minn., the daughter of Adolph Warren Neuman and his wife, Alice Dorothy Kvidera.

Anita met a young man, they fell in love and were married, Steven W. Newell (deceased 2007). They had a son, Steven W. Newell II (deceased 2014). Both are interred in the community cemetery in Breckenridge Minn., as will be Anita (later in the spring).

On May 18, 2010, I was introduced to Anita by her best friend here in the Denver area. We fell in love, and were married on Jan. 1, 2012. She didn’t know what she was getting into marrying this old cowboy, but she had a lot of first-time events thereafter.

She found out what a horse really is.

She learned how to muck a stall.

She discovered what a farrier is, and does.

And actually picked a horse’s hoof clean.

We went on trail rides.

She learned to do the Texas Two-Step.

We traveled together through many states that she had never been to before, And, she went sky-diving with my son, Garrett.

Anita was adventurous, but was also content to be in our home tending to her flower gardens. Flowers in the front, flowers in the back, flowers on the patio, and flowers and plants throughout the house.

Anita was totally devoted to her church and church families, and to her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I know I shall see her again one day.

Rest in peace, my love. I miss you so.

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