The Fence Post obituary Duane A. Pope |

The Fence Post obituary Duane A. Pope

Duane A. Pope, 64

Sept. 8, 1955 – Feb. 5, 2020

Wiggens, Colo.

Duane A. Pope, 64, of Wiggins, Colo., went to argue with St. Peter and state his case on Feb. 5, 2020. Duane was born on Sept. 8, 1955, in Fort Morgan, Colo., to Sherman and Frieda Pope (Bostron), and had been married to Susan Pope (Niles) since Sept. 9, 1978.

Duane cherished many of the finer things in life such as butter, salty food, coffee, and German food — especially so in the comfort of his corner chair in the kitchen not far from his pellet stove that kept the house at a cool 84 degrees. Duane loved cruising in his lawn mower, his Toyota Tundra, his Case 2594 tractor, and his Polaris RZR — none of which seemed to move any faster than his lawn mower when he was driving them.

Sundays were for watching the Broncos, mowing his lawn again, and striking up a friendly argument. Fridays were for Friday Afternoon Club, affectionately known as FAC which consisted of great friends, four-letter words, cold Busch Light, copious amounts of cigarettes, and arguments that he never lost (just ask him). Duane was always willing to travel, especially with his grandkids, or if a casino was somewhere along the way — and, of course, if his wife planned it. He loved going to concerts, as long as they were country or oldies, and none of that hip-hop crap.

Farming was something Duane was born to do. He proved it by never moving from the home he was born in at the farm. He proudly raised sugar beets, corn, pickles and other produce. He genuinely enjoyed going to farmer’s markets for many years, where he ran the chili roaster and “politely” explained to customers that organic and non-GMO foods were a sham and didn’t really exist… he loved that conversation with “Boulderites.”

Later in life, he found himself as a warehouse manager for local ag retailers with his son, Derek. He helped get the Pope Farm Corn Maize and Pumpkin Patch off the ground and was proud of what his kids had built. He was loyal and reliable.

Duane is survived by his wife, Susan; sister, Pam Berryhill; daughter, Shannon Beauprez and her husband, Martin; son, Derek Pope and his wife, Cynthia. In addition, he is survived by his grandchildren, who were the light of his life — Ali, Macie, Barret, and Axel. He loved them deeply and unconditionally.

He is preceded in death by his parents, Sherman and Frieda Pope, and brother-in-law, Hal Berryhill.

Duane hated funerals so a final FAC will be held in his honor. He wouldn’t have dressed up for his own funeral, so we don’t expect you to dress up for FAC. Rest assured, there will be no Coors Light, cilantro, mushrooms, American cheese, Horses With No Names, Tom Brady jerseys, or anything made or produced in Boulder, Colo. He hated all these things equally.

Duane’s Final FAC will be held on Friday Feb. 21 at 5 p.m. at Champion Oilfield Service, 16461 Highway 52, Wiggins, CO.

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