The Fence Post obituary: Dudley Gould Rider |

The Fence Post obituary: Dudley Gould Rider

Dudley Gould Rider, 88

Oct. 11, 1930 – Dec. 24, 2018

Longmont, Colo.

Dudley Gould Rider was born on Oct. 11, 1930, he passed away peacefully with his family at his side on Dec. 24, 2018, in Lakewood, Colo. He was born in Longmont, Colo., and spent most of his life in the Longmont area.

Dudley graduated from Longmont High School in 1948. He and some schoolmates left for the Navy upon graduation. They attended Navy boot camp in San Diego, Calif. After completing boot camp, they were transferred to a submarine base in New London, Conn., for training in the silent service. Dudley served for four years during the time of the Korean War. He was assigned to the USS Raton, (SS27) and later qualified on the USS Toro, (SS422). His boats were just before the advent of the diesel-electric boat. He spent most of his time patrolling the north Atlantic around Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Russia helping with the cold war.

As a boy growing up on the farm, Dudley helped his father, Leroy, raise tomatoes, red beets, squash and pumpkins. Leroy and Dudley milked about 40 head of golden Guernsey dairy cows twice a day. They took the milk to a processing plant in Longmont in 10-gallon milk cans. When Dudley returned home from the Navy, he expanded the dairy to about 80 head of Guernseys. He installed automatic milkers, taking the milk in plexiglass pipes to be stored in a stainless steel, refrigerated, bulk holding tank. A large tanker truck came every other day to transport the milk to the processing plant in Longmont.

With a lot of help from son, Jim, and some from son, Steve, (Jim was always the farmer, Steve, not so much), they sold the dairy cows and started a hog operation with about 300 head of hogs and a small cattle herd. In 1980, the home farm was traded for more acres in east Boulder County and west Weld County, east of Longmont near Ninth Avenue and Weld County Road 1. Jim and Dudley built a large hog building and set up a hog finishing operation with about 500 head of hogs. Dudley and Jim constructed new grain elevators, expanded the farm operation and took about 35 head of pigs to market each week. With housing developments coming to the farm, they moved the farm east to Morgan County. Jim and Sandy moved with their family and built a new home in Morgan County.