The Fence Post obituary: Ronald Dean Brent |

The Fence Post obituary: Ronald Dean Brent

Ronald Dean Brent, 82

March 29, 1936 – June 15, 2018

Arriba, Colo.

Ronald Dean Brent was born to Kermit A. Brent and Arlene Pearl (Beedy) Brent on March 29, 1936, at home near Bovina, Colo. He died on June 15, 2018, at the Burlington hospital after a short illness.

His early years were spent on his father’s farm where he learned life lessons, such as farming, getting into mischief, collecting eggs, milking and practicing throwing rocks across the pasture. He found his love for flying early in life, at the age of 4, when he scared his mother by jumping off the top of a windmill with nothing but a cape attached to his back.

From a one-room schoolhouse onto Arriba High School, Ron enjoyed sports, including baseball, basketball and football, and band where he played trumpet. Ron also enjoyed playing pranks and was pranked a time or two, he loved telling the story when his Uncle Raymond sent him up high in the sky in a box kite. A turning point in his young life was when he contracted polio. Those months in the hospital in his junior year, unable to be active, made Ron decide it might be a good idea to be more focused on school. High school was also when he and his wife, Beverly, met. Ron was supposed to pick her up for Baccalaureate but alas, they never made it, Ron decided to shop for a car and left Beverly waiting!

In 1956, even after his shenanigans, Ron and Beverly got married. In 1957, they welcomed their first daughter, Virlynda, into the world. They lived in Denver until Ron decided his heart was truly on the plains and left Denver for good. That was also the year they welcomed their son Stanley Dean into this world.

Inspired by his bout with polio, Ron attended college, sometimes full time, sometimes not, where his love of flying naturally led him to working at airports, Clinton Aviation and Lockheed Martin (then Martin Marietta). At Martin, Ron worked on the Titan Missile, he was the crew leader and was in charge of the guidance system. Later, Ron was able to show his children what he worked on, he was quite proud of it and it is at the Smithsonian for all to see.

In 1959, the young family moved to their forever home just north of Arriba. The 60s also saw their family grow with Lisa in 1963, Dan in ’64, and Michelle in ’66, surprisingly, Jeannelle appeared in ’77.

Ron still loved flying and bought an airplane in 1967. Through the years, Ron enjoyed many adventures and misadventures, including plane flights, skiing, and camping with the family. He enjoyed family trips and there was always time to stop and visit, “smell the flowers” or get some ice cream. Ron always had time to chat with neighbors and friends over a cup of coffee. Ron loved to farm and spent many hours in the field, with the cows and pigs, and teaching his children what life is all about.

Ron is preceded in death by his parents, Kermit and Arlene; and his son, Stanley.

Ron leaves behind many family members and friends who will dearly miss him, including his beloved wife of 61 years, Beverly Brent; his children, Virlynda (Ron) Knutson, Lisa (Dave) Jones, Dan (Christine) Brent, Michelle (Mike) Freilinger and Jeannelle (Cory) McCaffrey.

Ron will be missed by 15 grandchildren, 17 great-grandchildren and 1 great-great-grandchild

His loss will be felt deeply by his sisters, Loretta McDonald and Sharon (Jim) Thompson; and in-laws, Betty Crow and Dallas (Jackie) Todd; as well as many nephews, nieces and cousins, dear friends and neighbors.


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