Off on a tangent |

Off on a tangent

According to most of the mainstream media this government shutdown is catastrophic and could mean the end of our world as we know it.

Guess they forgot about all the other government shutdowns that we managed to live through, somehow.

According to Wikipedia there have been 22 shutdowns since 1976. During Ronald Reagan’s presidency there were eight shutdowns, each lasting four or less days. During Bill Clinton’s time in the hot seat there were two government shutdowns. The first one lasted five days and the last one dragged on for 21 days.

In my humble opinion, there is no one person to blame for any government shutdown — all the politicians are to blame.

But when it happens we should throw all those politicians into the capitol building and lock them in until they learn to compromise and to be more beholden to their constituents. Which is my general solution to all political tussles in Washington.

I experienced a government shutdown first-hand when I interned in Washington for a congressman from North Dakota.

This was when George H.W. Bush was president and the shutdown lasted only over the weekend. That meant that all the monuments and museums were closed so we (myself and three other interns from North Dakota) had to find cheap entertainment elsewhere.

So we spent most of our time in the Capitol building watching the politicians acting like spoiled children.

It was great fun. That was almost as much fun as watching crime in the street from the front stoop of our three-story row house. So although government shutdowns are annoying there is no real evidence that they are catastrophic. And, I’m sure most of the people who work for the government are used to them by now.

But it seems these days the media has to blow everything out of proportion to scare people.

OK, I think I need to end this rant and get back to work, as The Fence Post never shuts down. ❖