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On the Edge of Common Sense 5-3-10

He said “The wind never blows

in Wyoming,”

I said, “Mister, where you from?

It’ll take the top offa big R.C.

Or peel an unripened plum!

Wherever you been, you been lied to!

I lived in Wyoming, I know.

I once seen a horse turned clean inside out

From standin’ outside in a blow!

You don’t have to shave in the winter.

Just pick a cool, windy place.

Stand there a minute, yer whiskers’ll freeze

and break off next to yer face!

They claim that a boxcar in Rawlins,

A Denver and ol’ Rio Grande,

Was picked off the track

and blowed to the east

And beat the whole train to Cheyenne.

Why, they tell of a feller in Lander

Who jumped off a bale of hay

Before he hit ground the wind picked ‘im up

He came down in Caster next day!

They don’t have to shear sheep in Worland

When they’re ready, they wait for a breeze

And bunch ’em in draws

where the willers are thick

Then pick the wool offa the trees!

But the windiest tale that I heard

Was about the small town of Sinclair.

It used to set on the Idaho line

Then one spring it just blew over there!

I carry this rock in my pocket

For good luck and here’s one for you.

Every little bit helps in Wyoming.

If yer skinny you better take two!

Well, Stranger, you might just be part right.

Though, fer sure you ain’t seen Devil’s Tower.

Let’s say the wind never blows in Wyoming …

Under 85 miles an hour!

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