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"On Zweck’s Farm" opens July 19 at the Longmont Museum

Jane GabriloveA truck from Zweck's farm, filled with flowers and vegetables, is readied for a trip to the market.
Market Filled Truck |

On Zweck’s Farm

Zweck’s farm now sits on the western edge of the growing community of Longmont. Back in 1865, when it was first homesteaded by George and Mary Zweck, its key attributes were good soil and access to water. These elements have been key throughout the long history of this family farm. While business reversals in the 1880s nearly cost the family their farm, Mary’s hard work reclaimed it from foreclosure. The land passed to a second generation of Zwecks, and now the third and fourth generations make this place their home and work.

Photographer Jane Gabrilove has spent the last two years photographing the remarkable oasis that is Zweck’s farm. Her vibrant color photographs anchor the next exhibit at the Longmont Museum & Cultural Center, On Zweck’s Farm, which opens July 19 and runs through August 24.

Gabrilove’s photographs record the richness of the land and its products. Bright red tomatoes, vibrant carrots, rainbow chard, and luscious raspberries provide mouth-watering evidence of the farm’s success. Wildlife co-exists with agriculture, and more than a century of history permeates the landscape.

The vegetables and cattle produced today on Zweck’s farm contribute to the growing “local food” movement. This movement aims to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment by reducing the distance from farmer to consumer. It also allows food to ripen naturally and arrive in stores fresh from the land.

This farm will never become tract houses or convenience stores – through the Boulder County Parks & Open Space program, it will be preserved as perpetual farmland. Given the richness of the soil and the beauty of the surroundings, we can all give thanks for the preservation of Zweck’s farm.

The Longmont Museum is located at 400 Quail Road, just east of Main Street in southern Longmont, Colorado. It’s open 9 to 5 Tuesday – Saturday, Wednesday evenings until 8 pm, and Sundays 1-5 pm. Admission is free.