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Ownership of longstanding feedyard changes hands

Timpas Feeders, a longstanding feedyard located in the heart of the Arkansas Valley in southern Colorado, exchanged hands this week. The feedyard was established in the 1950s east of Rocky Ford, a highly productive agriculture area known for its mild climates, high quality livestock feed, and live cattle marketing and sales in La Junta. The 10,000 head lot has served numerous customers over the years. For the past decade, the feedyard has been managed by Ryon Sallee, a local cattle producer and operator, who reported the lot as one of the most productive, small customized lots in the valley.

The customized feedyard was appealing to the new owners, Fred Linz and Anthony Randall, who seized the opportunity to purchase the facility to further strengthen their operation.

Fred Linz, owner and chief executive officer of Linz Heritage Angus and Meats By Linz, has over 50 years in the business. Meats By Linz expanded into one of the country’s premier beef purveyor’s servicing the finest hotels, white table cloth restaurants, country clubs, and casinos throughout the United States and abroad. The business started in a small custom butcher shop in the outskirts of Chicago and has grown into a multi-generational company that utilizes over 4,000 head of cattle per week. Linz Heritage Angus is a premier Registered Black Angus seedstock ranch that sells registered bulls all over the country every January. Linz is proud to add Timpas Feeders to his program and looks forward to a new adventure in the Arkansas Valley. “The purchase of this feedlot will allow us to truly take our program to the next level,” Linz said. “Our team is built on accountability and this expansion will assist us with accuracy and allow us to hone down on how the cattle are truly performing. I look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead for our program.”

Randall grew up in northern Arizona working in a family cattle operation running pairs on a rugged 100,000 acre forest allotment. Over the past decade, Randall has managed several large cow calf and yearling ranch operations in Wyoming and northern Colorado while managing feeder cattle in multiple yards. Randall said, “I’ve always enjoyed the cattle and the business side of ranching. With this purchase it provides an opportunity to partner with one of the best in the industry, Fred Linz. Plus, my family and I are very happy to be back in the valley with family and friends.”

Linz and Randall are grateful for the partners and customers they have acquired over the years. Their primary goals have been to provide exceptional customer service and assistance to retained ownership customers and investment feeders. They are proud of the relationships they have built through the Linz Buy Back Program and would like to thank all of their customers. They really look forward to building new relationships in the future and supporting an industry that is near and dear to them both. “The commitment of Linz Heritage Angus bull customers to genetically excel and produce a better product is remarkable. There is a high demand for a genetically superior product and we are always looking for new producers to partner with on raising high quality American Beef,” Randall said.


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