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Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork Quilt

Flight number 5622 from Denver to St. Louis, moves far

above the land in the cloudless skies.

Below lies a patchwork that was started by our ancestors.

There are circles, squares, rectangles, geometric designs,

and jigsaw puzzle pieces lying in what looks like a patchwork

quilt that stretches for miles upon miles.

This quilt is our lifeline.

Muted, colorful hues of green, tan, blue, brown, white,

and lavender are held together by

meandering rivers, streams, dry creek beds, roads,

highways, lakes, ponds, fences, shelterbelts,

villages, hills, canyons, towns, gullies, farms and


At night, ribbons of light hold the quilt together.

Long strings of lights; clusters of lights, some

resembling shapes; remind us of the quilt

that lies below.

What must the spirits of our ancestors think as they look

down from above?

It has changed so much since they lived in a teepee and

killed buffalo, or came across the prairies in a covered

wagon to homestead or to seek religious freedom.

Oh wondrous patchwork quilt, you are our life-blood.

May you never wear out.


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