Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles 4-15-13 |

Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles 4-15-13

Peggy Sanders
Oral, S.D.
The drifts north of our house were fairly even right up to the bottom of the swing seats. The watermelon propane tank reminds us that summer is coming.

We got snow and lots of it! We are grateful for every little flake. We were apprehensive as the last time the weather forecast was for 100 percent chance of snow we didn’t get anything.

This prognostication was for 100 percent snow over two and a half days. The first day we had only terrific winds, and doubts. Finally it started in and was snowing sideways the first 24 hours. It still all adds up and gives us badly needed moisture. We estimate we got a foot right here yet it’s difficult to know due to drifts and bare places. An added benefit is the runoff that will flow into Angostura Dam from which we receive our irrigation water. To say we are excited is understated.

Along with the snow comes the need for neighborin’ which is the verb that means helping out others who live nearby. My husband took the tractor and plowed out several neighbors’ yards. Our rancher son is done calving, branding and cows were moved to pasture last week. It looks like 18-inches of white stuff out in the grassland area and of course that means cattle get fed hay for a few days. If you look really hard (and use your imagination) you can see green grass under all that snow.

Folks around here help each other out when needed. About four weeks ago a 50-something local businessman had to be flown to Denver, Colo., for emergency surgery. He and his wife own and run a car dealership and repair business. Although he had servicemen to work on vehicles the business needed people to stand in for him and his wife while they were away. Three former employees who are now retired or self-employed announced they would come in to keep the business on track, one in sales, one kept up with the books and the third did his old job of service manager. It is neighborin’.

It is just what we do.

Peggy is a national award winning columnist who writes from the family farm in southwest South Dakota and can be reached by ❖