Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles 4-2-12 |

Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles 4-2-12

There are “tests” for determining your age by health markers – wearing seat belts, having high blood pressure, being under or over weight, family history, and so on. Then there are the days when no test would be helpful; you just feel old. These days that often involves technology. Not the kind that physically measures anything, rather the daily changes in available gadgets.

Frighteningly enough, I am the computer whiz in my family. That mostly means I use it a lot and have encountered many problems, hence have had to learn how to correct them. It doesn’t mean I have a clue about other technology. We hear iPad, Smartphone, iPhone, G4 and other terms that are common to those who spend the money and take the time to learn about them. Often these technos are younger than I or they work in the technology field. I’m pretty sure I’ve been most annoying to my younger family members when they come to visit and I pepper them with my questions. They roll their eyes often. I’ve no desire to step up to any of these new devices, but it’s important to me to at least become somewhat fluent in the language. And it really is like a foreign tongue.

With computers, though, there have been continual changes. It has seemed that a person could find a working relationship at a certain level and more or less remain there to get the jobs done. That’s what I’ve done. For one thing, each time a new operating system has come out there are so many complaints about how the system doesn’t work that I conclude I need to stay with what does. One day I will likely have to move up and when I do it will be a giant leap as the chasm will be wide.

Then there are the eBook readers. sigh. I’m an author and avid reader who does not like to read things on a screen, even a large sized one. Again there are various models and brands, some of which can read only one brand of ePublications. Even if I bought into this, my most often asked question is, “In 10 years, how am I going to read the books I buy today?”

Perhaps the assumption is that we won’t want to read the same book twice. After all, eBook readers can hold from 1,000 books upwards, even though you can only read one book on the screen at a time. My biggest drawback personally is that most of the books I purchase are nonfiction history-related for research. Those I know I will consult again and again and I don’t want to have to rely on a device to do so. However every person I have talked to who has a reader loves it. They talk of ease of toting several books as they travel which makes sense.

Technology is advanced to the point where tractors can be driven by computers while the tractor “driver reads” – probably on a Kindle.

Peggy’s level of technology is putting her internet latchstring out at and giving her website address,

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