Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 12-26-11 |

Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 12-26-11

We sold our cows to our older son last month and he runs them on our place, so it is as though nothing has changed. That is a good thing as I enjoy seeing the cattle and watching their antics. Of course those pick up when the baby calves start arriving, which they will do in just a month. We will be a backup for our son and help him out as he needs, but as my husband said on the first cold morning this year, “This is nice. I don’t have to go check the waterers or chop the ice.”

Yet we are more than content to stay right here, in the midst of what we love. Out my north window is the 7,242-foot Harney Peak, the highest point east of the Rockies until the Alps. How’s that for a landmark? As I look toward the west out my other office window, I see the wildlife that traipse through. Generally there are four deer and various pheasants, and the occasional cow when the gate from the pasture isn’t closed. The cows don’t really count as wildlife, though there are times …

We are fortunate to have three of our grandchildren living near us so we can see them grow and develop. With the addition of a new son, the other household of three grandchildren currently live in Missouri where their mom is a doctor in her internship and their dad, our son, is Mr. Mom. We wish we could be closer to help them out and see them more but we have to settle for the infrequent visits to them. In June they will move to Dallas and at least then I can fly directly from Rapid City to Dallas, making an easy trip out of it. I just hope that particular airline is still flying out of here come this time next year and I can take advantage of it.

My older brother gives us a hard time that we don’t travel more than we do. He’s always on the go and right now is in Hawaii. I spent a summer with a family in France during high school and then my junior year in college I was a student at the Sorbonne in Paris. My cousin and family were stationed in England with the US Air Force and I used their location for my home base when I voyaged throughout the UK. Friends in Holland welcomed me into their home on other occasions. My US Army officer husband was stationed in Germany and he saw a lot of Europe before we married; many trips were courtesy of the Army. After our wedding we lived in Germany and toured extensively. Once we had the opportunity to buy a farm and go home to South Dakota, my husband resigned his officer commission and we moved home, back to what we call God’s country. We’ve done our traveling and are content. It is Pollyannaish of me, but I hope that everyone else is as happy in their surroundings as we are.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Peggy writes from the family farm in southwestern South Dakota. She can be reached through

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