Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 3-7-11 |

Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 3-7-11

We’ve lived in this same house since December 1974 and we have no plans to move. We did the next best thing when we hired workers to update our bedroom and bath in the basement. Since that is where we sleep, nearly everything had to be toted up the stairs to get it out of the way and the carpet was removed. We were told the job would take 10 days at the most, but it ended up taking six weeks. We paid by the job so it wasn’t a time sensitive issue, other than the inconvenience. We had dressers in the living room, clothes piled in chairs and makeshift sleeping arrangements. This is as near as we are going to get to moving so we took advantage of the situation and pared down clothing, books and general “rainy-day” items. We still have too much, but we made good progress.

It is fun to give things away. Some of the clothes went to family; others to the Club for Boys. A Habitat for Humanity Re-Store received building excess. In case you are not familiar with it, the Re-Store accepts all manner of home improvement items, in small to large quantities, as donations, and anyone can come in and purchase at very reduced rates. The store is staffed by volunteers and proceeds go to the construction of local homes with Habitat for Humanity. It is an adventure to see what they have and what can fill your needs. Flexibility is key if you want to buy there and it is a good first stop even if you have something particular in mind. They just might have it. One caution – if you see something you like, you’d better grab it. It might not be there the next day.

The improvement project has been an exercise in patience – and it was right in the middle of some bitter cold during calving. In addition to the workers and piles of things, we had a few calves in the kitchen, usually one at a time. Though there was that set of twins that got chilled and came in for a quick pick me up. No matter how much you hate the cold, having those babies around helps make up for it.

The grandkids loved the vast empty rooms while the construction was underway. The echo was especially fun as they ran and hollered. Each time they came it was de rigueur to have a tour and see the next level of changes. Since the room has been done the kiddos have been under the weather and haven’t seen the finished product. Tomorrow will be the big unveiling for them. With the installation of carpet, the echo has gone away. We alleviated two large pieces of furniture giving more free space in the room and with the bed again placed in the room, we have another spot for them to take their naps.

Ever the practical man, my husband has already said if we ever do move we will just take the clothes on our backs and leave everything else. Right now it sounds like a good plan.

Peggy writes from the ranch in southwestern South Dakota.

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