Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 8-8-11 |

Peggy Sanders: Confluence Chronicles – Where City & County Meet 8-8-11

They say a person is kept young by learning – after this summer I think I’ll be 18 again. I try to learn at least one new thing every day and I’ll bet there are many readers with the same goal. Sometimes the things I find are so surprising; other times they are moments when I say, “Duh, I should have known that, but didn’t!”

Facebook has been something I didn’t give a whit about until alumni from my high school put up a site, “You know you’re from Hot Springs, when you remember …” and that has been great fun. Although I have been studying local history and old photos for several years, individuals have posted questions and pictures leading to more questions for themselves as well as for me. My basic problem is I read but I don’t retain and when a question comes up I have to go search it again. That is why I write history books; it’s easier to look things up when you have written the book. I am a student of history, but I don’t consider myself a historian, although I am frequently referred to as one. Ten years or so ago the area’s true historian passed away and we miss her every time we have a simple question – one that she could answer from her mind without references. She taught me a lot and not just about history.

Last Sunday I went on a road trip to Grand Island, Neb., and picked up an irrigation pump for our farm on Monday morning and headed home, a 700 mile round trip. I observed that on Sunday families must have been in a great hurry to get to their destinations. The trucks lumbered along, as I did. It was also easy to see that vehicles from states with dense populations have no concept of what it is like to drive where the traffic is not bumper to bumper. On the interstate, those drivers would pull out and pass, then cut right back in, causing the right lane drivers to slow up. Never mind that there were no cars in either lane for a good distance. They were just so used to being crowded that they couldn’t adjust, which was very annoying as well as dangerous.

Monday the road was used mostly by trucks and conveyances of working people and it was a more relaxing drive to get home.

A neighbor grew rye this year and I’d never seen it growing before. The heads are tiny compared to wheat. I’ve heard a turkey vulture make his sound when he settles on a post that is part of our rope climbing apparatus in the yard. The vulture is good sized yet his call is puny – they don’t seem to belong together.

The biggest puzzle is we have four killdeer hanging out on our buffalo grass lawn. They never make a peep. Having been around killdeer for years I thought they always talked. I’m beginning to wonder if I have mute birds.

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